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Original – Small Wheel Adapter

From £24.00

  • Fits most 20″-24″ wheels with up to 2.6″ wide tyres.
  • Simply slots over the bottom ‘v’s on the front and rear panel of your standard BikeStow Original (not compatible with Original – Three PLUS)
  • Supplied with two hook & loop straps to secure it in place.
  • CNC routed from black hexa-faced birch plywood.
  • Lovingly family made in-house in Stourbridge, UK.

Before ordering, please check below which variant you require!

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This small wheel adapter can be fitted to your existing BikeStow Original bike rack, allowing bikes with smaller wheels to be racked. Great for most kids, commuter, and BMX bikes. *Does not include the bike rack!*

Which variant should you select?

  • For Original – Two, Three, or Four (laminated only) purchased after 2nd Feb 2022, please select the ‘A‘ variant.
  • For Original – Two, Three, or Four (laminated only) purchased before 2nd Feb 2022, please contact us!
  • For Original – Four / Raw purchased after 1st Jan 2021, please select the ‘B‘ variant.
  • For any other models or purchase dates, please contact us!
  • 1 x Small Wheel Adapter
  • 2 x Hook & Loop straps

Place the adapter over the bottom‘v’s on the front and rear panel of your bike rack. Ensure you put the adapter in the right way around. The notches on the underside of the adapter should slot nicely in-between the ‘v’s.

Wrap the provided hook & loop strips through both cut-outs in the adapter then under-neath, up, and around the bottom of the bike rack’s panels. This secures the adapter in place, preventing it from lifting as you remove the bike.
Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions66 × 16 × 6 cm
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