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Love Thy Ply Wax Kit


Love, clean, and help protect your plywood with handmade products in collaboration with UK micro-businesses Let It Bee and HandMade Tales!

  • Local Birmingham beeswax polish.
  • Hand-crafted cleaning and applicator cloths.
  • Help protect exposed plywood edges.
  • Enhance the sliding action of moving plywood components.
  • Add a natural finish and sheen.
  • Clean fingerprints or marks from laminated plywood faces.
  • Sand & remove mud from plywood edges.

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We’ve partnered with two UK micro-businesses so you can love your ply.

The kit includes sandpaper discs to clean and smooth the plywood edges of your BikeStow. This will remove any mud or debris build up and can greatly improve the sliding action of moving plywood parts, for example on the BikeStow Stance.

The included tin of beeswax polish can help protect exposed plywood edges, and further enhance sliding actions. This polish is made by two bee-loving sisters at Let It Bee, from local Birmingham (UK) beeswax.

Finally, two cloths from HandMade Tales are also included. The cotton waffle wipe is great for applying the beeswax polish, and the grey bamboo cleaning cloth can remove fingerprints or marks from your BikeStow. HandMade Tales hand-craft practical and zero waste household & beauty products in Cornwall.

  1. Sand the exposed edges of the plywood with the sandpaper discs until smooth and clean. Be careful not to scratch the laminated faces of your BikeStow. Remove any wood dust.
  2. Use the waffle wipe to apply beeswax polish to the exposed plywood edges.
  3. Work gently into the plywood edges, letting it absorb, before wiping away any excess.
  4. Use the bamboo cloth to clean any fingerprints or marks on the laminated faces of your BikeStow. Use your breath to aid cleaning. A small amount of soapy water or similar can be used for more stubborn marks.

The bamboo and waffle wipes can be washed gently at 30°C, hung out to dry, and reused.

  • Sandpaper discs
  • 1 x grey bamboo cleaning cloth by HandMade Tales
  • 1 x cotton waffle wax applicator wipe by HandMade Tales
  • 25g x Birmingham beeswax polish by Let It Bee
Weight0.1 kg
Inside the Box

• Sandpaper discs
• Grey bamboo cleaning cloth
• Cotton waffle wax applicator wipe
• 25g of beeswax polish

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