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That’s exactly what we are, a family. Initially our bike racks were meant only as a solution to our family problem of having too many bikes and not having a safe, easy, and reliable way of transporting or storing them. Following encouragement from friends, we bit the bullet and booked a stand at the 2018 Cycle Show to see if our idea could go somewhere. In the six weeks between booking the stand and the show itself, we had to turn a DIY garage project into an actual product. This is when the family team truly formed.

We now manufacture our racks in-house in Stourbridge, UK, giving us complete control over quality and character. Importantly, we enjoy the same love for design, manufacturing, and cycling as we did when we started this adventure in 2018.

You can read more about our family story in this BusinessWorks Magazine article.

Following the success of BikeStow, we opened our facilities, knowledge, and experience to others in the form of Laight Designs Ltd. Offering first-class design and manufacturing services whilst helping those cross the bridge from design to manufacture, as we did several years ago.

Julie Laight (Mum) – Director, Sales & Operations

George Laight (Son) – Director, Manufacturing & Design

Kirk Priest – Production Supervisor

Simon Laight (Dad) – Inventor

Martin Laight (Grandad) – Patent Consultant

Matthew Laight (Uncle) – Investor

Bonnie and Bunty (Dogs) – Joint Heads of Security

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