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Tilting Fork Mount

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  • Patent pending tilt design allows the handlebars to be turned without causing the bike to lean over.
  • Fixes to the BikeStow Rail, other rail systems, or directly to your floor.
  • Save space and reduce handlebar clashes.
  • Transport multiple bikes close together or efficiently in tight spaces.
  • Perfect for smaller vans or camper conversions.
  • Interchangeable hub to fit different axle sizes and types.
  • CNC machined in-house in the UK

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Patent Pending & Registered Design



Compatible with the BikeStow Rail!


If you’re not sure, the best thing is to measure your forks!

Listed below are the axle types most used for different disciplines, however always check and measure your bike first:

  • 5 x 100mm QR – Road
  • 12 x 100mm Thru-Axle – Road & Gravel
  • 15 x 100mm Thru-Axle – MTB (XC / Enduro)
  • 15 x 110mm Thru-Axle – MTB (XC / Enduro)
  • 20 x 110mm Thru-Axle – MTB (Downhill)

Once the front wheel has been removed from the bike, you might be wondering what to do with it and how to keep it secure.

Our Front Wheel Straps are a simple and inexpensive way to strap your front wheel to your bike’s rear wheel, frame, or elsewhere in your van. These are available in different lengths, however we typically recommend the “Short” or “Medium” size for strapping your front wheel.


Our Fork Mount is, of course, compatible with our Rail along with most other standard aluminium extrusion rail systems. Please note, for other rail systems, you may need to source your own bolts and hardware, as ours may not fit.

The Tilting Fork Mount is the result of (son & co-founder) George’s engineering dissertation at Loughborough University which aimed to develop a solution for smaller vans, campers, or vehicles such as our own little VW Caddy.

Typically fork mounts cause the bike to lean over when you turn the handlebars which leads to clashes with other bikes, takes up more space, and adds unwanted strain to your bike. This is due to the head angle and geometry of the bike, which makes the front-axle tilt and no longer be parallel to the ground once the handlebars are turned.

Our new Tilting Fork Mount compensates for this with its patent-pending tilting design to match the angle of the axle! This means you can fit multiple bikes close together or into tight spaces, reduce handlebar clashes, and minimise the footprint used.

How does it work?

The Fork Mount comprises a base, a swappable-hub available in different axle sizes, and a screw to lock the two components together. The hub has a series of pins which locate into corresponding holes in the base, giving 3 tilt positions in each direction plus horizontal. This tilt range means the bike’s handlebars can be turned to almost 45° without causing the bike to unwantedly lean over! Slacker downhill bikes generally use the most extreme tilt position, whereas steeper cross-country bikes may only need the first tilt position.

Of course you can still store bikes horizontally with the handlebars straight, or even tilt them deliberately, giving you a range of configurations.

The Fork Mount can be attached to our own BikeStow Rail with our mounting kits, or to other aluminium extrusion rail and track systems with your own hardware. Alternatively, it can be screwed directly to your floor with screws or insert nuts.

We CNC machine each Fork Mount in-house from 6082-T6 aluminium before they’re anodised to a matte green and grey finish.

The tilting hub can be quickly swapped out to fit different axle types and sizes (available separately).

Weight0.55 kg
Dimensions19 × 11 × 6 cm


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