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Stance Upright Adapter

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The Upright Adapter for storing bikes vertically with the BikeStow Stance!

  • A simple and lightweight solution which easily bolts on to all existing Stances.
  • Roll and rotate – no heavy lifting involved.
  • Completely free-standing – no screws, damage, or permanent commitment.
  • Not suitable for bikes over 15kg – use the Up instead.
  • Compatible when the Stance is set to the regular 0″-3″ tyre width position only.
  • Lovingly family made in Stourbridge, UK.

Includes the adapter only BikeStow Stance available separately.

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The front wheel strap goes between the front wheel and frame of your bike to stop the front wheel and handlebars from turning once the bike is stored vertically.

Wrap a tape measure around your front wheel and frame as if it was the strap. This will give you the strap length you require for your bike.


Although the adapter is capable of supporting heavy e-bikes, we recommend against using it with bikes over 15kg. Instead, use the stronger, sturdier, and more rigid BikeStow Up.

The adapter is only compatible with the Stance when the Stance is set to the regular 0″-3″ tyre width position – not the plus & fat 3″ – 4.8″ position. If you own a plus or fat bike, the BikeStow Up is however compatible.

The adapter is not suitable for kids, BMX, or non-standard bike sizes and may not be compatible with rear mudguards.

Any questions or queiries – contact us!

This scorpion-shaped adapter allows you to store bikes upright with the BikeStow Stance. It’s simple, lightweight, and does the job.

The adapter bolts onto the pre-existing holes on the rear panel of the Stance, turning it into a freestanding vertical bike stand. With this setup, you don’t have to worry about screwing into any walls or causing permanent damage. Just roll the bike into the Stance, adjust the tyre-sandwiching sides as normal, and rotate the bike upwards to store it vertically. The optional front wheel strap can be used to secure the front wheel to the bike’s frame, stopping the handlebars from freely turning when the bike is stored upright.

Lovingly family made in Stourbridge, UK, the Scorpion is CNC routed from birch plywood before being hand-finished and boxed into paper & cardboard only packaging.

Weight1 kg
Inside the box

• Upright Adapter for the BikeStow Stance
• QC Card
• (Optional Front Wheel Strap)


Not suitable for bikes over 15kg. For heavier bikes, use the BikeStow Up.

Only compatible with BikeStow Stance when used in the narrow (0" – 3") tyre width position. Not suitable for bikes with over 3" tyre width. For wider bikes, use the BikeStow Up.

Not suitable for kids, BMX, or non-standard bike sizes.

Rear mudguards may be incompatible, please contact us for advice,


Flat-packed with 2 min. assembly.

Not designed for use in vans or other vehicles. Indoor use only.

For shipping outside the UK and EU, please contact us.

Have a funky length or size bike? If the included seat-post cradle doesn't work with your bike, we'll make a custom one to your size free of charge!

1 review for Stance Upright Adapter

  1. David Rowe

    I just purchased a Stance plus the Upright Adapter, and assembled both yesterday. As there are currently no reviews for the adapter, I thought I’d review both here. I’m very pleased overall. Both were easy to assemble (well, apart from a couple of boneheaded errors), and does exactly the trick I was looking for – getting my indoor bike stored upright and out of the way using an aesthetically pleasing stand. Exceptionally well engineered, and considering the amazing quality, a very reasonable price. The bike has a wide saddle (Brooks B17) and I was initially concerned that it would prevent me from swinging the bike past the adaptor into its upright position. However, with a little wiggling it works – the saddle does push the upright adaptor to the side slightly (about 2 cm) during the motion, but being flexible, it just springs back into its proper position once the saddle has been moved past vertical into its storage position.

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