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Lovingly family made in the UK

BikeStow Original

Transport bikes inside your van, or store them at home

Road, MTB & Electric

700C 26″ 27.5″ 29″*

Quick and Easy

Drop, lock, and go

Folds Flat

for convenient storage

  • Fits varying disciplines, wheel diameters, and tyre widths.
  • Quick and easy – remove the faff.
  • Folds flat for convenient storage.
  • No scratches, dents, or damage to your precious frame.
  • Two, three, or four bikes safe and secure.

Lovingly family made in the UK

Patented & Registered Design

BikeStow Up

Freestanding space-efficient vertical bike storage for the home, flat, office, or bedroom…

Design Centrepiece

Beautifully display your prized bike.


Skinny road bikes or 5″ fat bikes, horizontally or vertically.

Completely Free-Standing

No screws, damage, or permanent commitment.

  • An organically inspired design centrepiece.
  • Elegantly displays your prized bike horizontally or vertically.
  • Completely free-standing.
  • Road, MTB, electric, and fat bikes up to 5″ tyres.
  • Roll and rotate – no heavy lifting involved.

Lovingly family made in the UK

Patented & Registered Design

BikeStow Stance

Dramatic, low-profile, and infinitely adjustable bike stand

Strikingly complement

whichever bike you pair it with

Infinitely adjustable

to perfectly fit your exact bike, as tight or loose as you wish


Skinny road, heavy electric, and chunky fat bikes

  • Infinitely adjustable tyre slot width to perfectly fit your exact bike.
  • Strikingly complements the stowed bike.
  • Fits 20″-29″ wheels up to 4.8″ wide.
  • Kids, BMX, Road, MTB, Electric, and Fat bikes.
  • Strong grip and no frame contact.
  • Easily flat-packable.

Lovingly family made in the UK

Registered Design

BikeStow Original

Best Bike Storage Solution For Vans Or Trucks
Overall Rating: 10

“If you transport your bikes in a van, this is a must-have”

“The standout bike product tested this year”
“Ingenious. A design triumph…”
“Exceptionally well designed…”
“The ultimate van, home, or workshop bike racking system”
“Substantial and stable bike racking solution”
“This has to be product of the year for us”

BikeStow Up

“Bike meets modern art”
“Beautifully sculptural and sweetly detailed”
“Saves space and also shows off your steed”

Original Bike Racks and Stands for Inside VAN, HOME, FLAT, or WORKSHOP. Lovingly family made in the UK. Freestanding, folding, and instantly adjustable to fit any bike.

BikeStow Original: Created initially as a solution to our own family bike-van problem, the BikeStow Original “blurs the lines between designer furniture and logistics” (MBR). Patented and a registered design, it is “exceptionally well designed… simple to use and works brilliantly” (MBUK). A “substantial and stable bike racking solution… well built with an appealing ‘thunk’ quality” (Singletrack).

The brushed aluminium ‘v’ sliders and locking thumb screws mean your bikes will always be held firmly no matter the wheel diameter or tyre width. When not in use, the cross supporting ‘dog bone’ lifts up and the rack folds flat for easy storage, with magnets keeping it neatly closed. The CNC routed and hand finished laminated plywood construction is sure to look slick with any setup. Perfectly machined and expertly chamfered, the ellipse lap joints add an artful finish to the ‘thunk’ quality of the design. Lovingly family made in Stourbridge, UK.

BikeStow Up: Having moved to Loughborough University to study Product Design Engineering, BikeStow co-founder George Laight quickly encountered a dilemma when trying to store his bike in his small student flat. It became clear storing it vertically used the least floor space, however he couldn’t even put blu-tack on the walls, let alone wall hooks! At the risk of losing his room deposit, George instead set about designing a solution. Welcome, the BikeStow Up: an elegant, freestanding approach to space-efficient vertical bike storage.

BikeStow Stance: Fed up with bike stands being too loose for some bikes, and too tight for others, the Stance is our answer to a stand versatile enough to fit almost all bikes and striking enough to look good whilst doing so.

The secret to its functionality is the sliding tyre-sandwiching sides. The right side can slide to any position you wish, and be quickly locked into place with three thumb-screws. This gives infinite tyre width adjustability, meaning you can have the Stance hold your bike as tight or loose as you wish! The left side has two fixed positions, one for standard tyres (up to 3” wide) and one for plus & fat tyres (up to 4.8”). Therefore, the BikeStow Stance can hold anything from small kids, bmx, and road bikes, all the way up to the heaviest mountain, electric, and fat bikes.

Dramatic in shape but low-profile in size, the Stance beautifully complements whichever prized bike you choose to pair it with. For that reason, it’s just as perfect for storing your bike in your home, flat, or garage as it is showing it off at events, races, or in shops.

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